Being pregnant is a wonderful thing! Capturing those moments prior to your little ones arrival is a must. And having Santorini island as the background for your maternity shoot will make them this much more special. You will love your pregnancy photos your whole life, and your baby will grow up seeing your love for her or him before they even entered this world.

Here are a few things to consider while getting ready for your maternity photo shoot in Santorini.

What to wear. I recommend sticking with solid-colored dresses instead of patterns. Matching and coordinating your outfits is great, especially for a photo shoot. However, if you are both wearing the same color, it can be distracting. Try wearing contrasting colors (for example if you are wearing a bright dress, your partner should wear dark pants). Being comfortable is very important, your dress should fit nicely, without compromising movement.

Footwear. Talking about movement, bring a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals, the streets in Santorini are not made for walking in high heels and if you’d like to wear them for your photos, you should have something easy to slip into while moving between shooting spots.

Bring props. This can be anything that you want: little shoes, flowers, sonogram pictures, baby clothes, bows, balloons and so many more. Props make a session unique to you and your growing family.

Relax. Taking photos can be a stressful thing for some people, especially during pregnancy. My advice is to plan the least amount of activities during your shoot day, do what makes you happy, relax by the pool, enjoying the sun and the views (use plenty of sunscreen). Your friendly photographer will take care of the rest :))