In the Easter days, most picturesque (in the opinion of many) islands of Greece, Cyclades are full of special color and aromas. The “fiery battles” on the island of Milos, the burning of Judas on Mykonos, the Passion of Christ play on Paros and the lighting of thousands of fires in the village of Pyrgos on Santorini, create the extraordinary atmosphere of this bright holiday. Countless Easter traditions combined with a sense of divine miracle make the Cyclades an ideal place for celebration. It is from the Easter holidays that the tourist season begins here, the islands are welcoming the Greeks and guests from other countries who want to plunge not only into the blue waters of the Aegean, but also into local traditions, customs and tastes.

On Good Friday on the island of Ios, the locals participate in an event called “Kounies” (swings) which takes place at the entrance of Chora. On Sunday, the day of Easter, the municipality of Ios arranges a great celebration with roast lamb and wine, where everyone is welcome – locals and island guests.

Thousands of lights in the village of Pyrgos are lit on Good Friday.

In Santorini you have to…. I’ll say that again, HAVE to visit the village of Pyrgos on Good Friday. The views from this village located on a hill are spectacular during the day, but it’s the evening time when all the islanders are gathering on the streets and outskirts of Pyrgos to witness the magic. Thousands of fires are lit in cans on every house roof, every church every path throughout the village creating a breathtaking picture.

For your Sunday dinner head over to Perissa beach, where after witnessing the traditional “shooting of Judas” you can enjoy a nice lamb on a spit many restaurants are cooking right there on the beach.