While vacationing in Santorini you can witness a phenomenon called “Anedosa” sea fog. It’s not very common and it’s created when the heat from the volcano mixes with the coolness of the sea. If the wind is blowing from the west you will see a thick blanket of fog covering the caldera and the villages located on the cliff’s edge. However when it passes the highest point of the cliff it doesn’t crawl downhill, but slowly dissipates and leaves most of the island’s visitors to enjoy the sunny weather.

One thing to remember, if you plan to enjoy the view of the view of caldera covered in fog – wake up yearly! This phenomenon usually takes place in the morning and sometimes, rarely, in the evening. So grab your camera and your partner and go to Imerovigli for a breakfast with a view. If you feel adventurous you can hike down to Skaros Rock (photo on the right) and enjoy a 360 panoramic view that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

(how many times did I use the word “view” in the last 3 sentences?) Haha!
That’s why I chose photography and not writing :)))

Here’s a couple of random photos from my yesterday’s walk above the clouds in Imerovigli:

I promise I’ll stop with panoramas 🙂 Here’s a couple of bunnies…